Dinner 14

dinner no. 14, september 26 & 27

death's door gin, blueberry, cinnamon, sage

opening cocktail


first course

scallop crudo, brown butter apples, shallot, fresh apple, crispy potato, cinnamon, allspice with gentil hugel


tuna rillete, fried toast, dijon creme, house-made giardiniera with trimbach pinot gris

second course


crispy pig ear salad, house-made sauerkraut, fig jam, fresh fig, crispy salt potato with domini douro

third course


peach barbecue pork, black-eyed peas with charred scallion, herb-roasted cauliflower, chile-pickled squash, sage biscuits with trimbach pinot noir

fourth course


ginger-molasses cake, spiced whipped cream, port wine reduction, plum, oat streusel with amaro nardini

fifth course