Dinner 21

dinner no.21, march 23 & march 24


first course

fried potato, lemon yogurt, green olive, preserved lemon, dill with 2015 verdejo


braised beef phyllo dumpling, ginger, prune, almond yogurt, basil with 2015 grechetto

second course


pork spare ribs, rose/coriander/thyme rub, honey, chermoula with 2013 syrah

third course


saffron braised chicken thighs, sweet vermicelli with raisins and cinnamon, spiced carrots, stewed lentils, roasted eggplant and tomato with 2013 Moroccan red blend

fourth course


millefuille, chocolate royal icing, orange blossom pastry cream, almond pastry cream with a sazerac

fifth course