Sandwich Shop

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Please pay close attention to our hours of operation for the month of October (found on google and the bottom of each page of our website). Duncan Street is a business with three moving parts. The sandwich shop, catering, and our monthly dinners make up our business and this month, we have a little bit of everything colliding. We thank you for understanding! - Kendyl and Dan

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Salads (add a protein for $3)

—  Roasted Orange Salad —
mixed greens, roasted orange vinaigrette, cucumber, onion, crispy prosciutto, toasted rice

—  Not a Cobb Salad  —
mixed greens, chorizo vinaigrette, pickled egg, pickled every vegetable we have on hand, farmer cheese, almonds



— Spicy Smoked Chicken Paprikash Soup —
carrots, onion, sour cream, garlic crouton, scallion

— Chickpea Salad —
chickpeas, roasted sweet potato and onion, mango chutney, zhoug, almond

— Herb Roasted Potatoes—Roasted Potatoes tossed in oregano, rosemary, sage, chile flake and roasted garlic


— Spicy Egg and Potato Salad—
hard boiled egg, potato, fermented poblano paste, roasted garlic aioli, white onion, radish


Sandwiches (add a side and house soda for $5)

—  Nashville Hot Turkey  —
crispy turkey leg confit, nashville hot chicken sauce, roasted garlic aioli, sweet relish, romaine, onion

—  “Everything" Pork —
roasted pork, everything seasoning, pickled red onion jam, boursin, cucumber

—  Rosemary/Brown Sugar/Black Pepper Turkey  —
roasted turkey breast, tomato honey, goat cheese, sweet onion, romaine

—  Roasted Mushroom (vegan) —
montreal seasoning, roasted garlic, caramelized onion, mushroom jus

—  Special Sandwich Sausage & Toasted Cheese —
grilled corn/coriander sausage patty, melted Goat Monterey Jack cheese, spicy pepper jam, boursin, local greens

Available without the sausage patty for a vegetarian grilled cheese!



—  Crispies  —

raspberry/white chocolate $3

—  Ice Cream of the Day —

—  sweet corn/ peach jam swirl — 




—  House Sodas  —

roasted lemon