About Us


kendyl ryan, chef/owner


For the past four years we have been hosting monthly, speakeasy-style, five-course dinners out of our home with help from partner, pal and confidant, Joe.  Duncan St Dinners taught us all a lot and we have had a lot of fun crafting menus, finding pairings and learning from each other, our adventures and our misadventures.  We have met some of the coolest people this city has to offer and have loved watching each dinner unfold and find its own personality. 

We have known that we wanted to do more casual food in our day to day operations for awhile, but we aren't ready to give up the dinners either, so we found the perfect space to serve some house made specialties in a laid back setting, while still having the space to host our five course dinners. 

We have been searching for a home throughout those years and have finally found one in Millvale.  We opened our doors on September 4, 2018 and are thrilled that we have been able to do so.


dan rodriguez, chef/owner